Repairing Drain Fields


Jim Carter has developed his own proprietary method for repairing (not replacing, which costs thousands more) clogged drain fields. The procedure does not require the use of any heavy equipment, is completely non-invasive and can be performed in areas that would normally be considered inaccessible, especially for heavy equipment. All this plus a 95% success rate, a 2 year warranty and a 20+ year proven track record. Why would you consider calling anyone else?

When the drain field of your septic system becomes clogged, the picture to the left is what you typically will find under the hood of your septic tank lid. Most contractors will tell you that you need to dig up your drain field and rebuild your system. That’s expensive and unsightly.

Jim Carter Septic Repair has a better solution. With Jim’s proven method there’s no heavy equipment or digging up your yard. He will unclog your system and guarantee the repair for two full years!  You pay a fraction of what you would to replace your system and your yard stays in tact. Not exactly a tough decision, is it? Contact Jim today and let him help you get things moving smoothly again.

If you live in Henderson, Buncombe or Transylvania Counties in Western North Carolina, or in the surrounding area, call Jim today for a free quote!

View Jim's Repair Process

1. The effects of a clogged drain field, causing sewage to seep into the yard and pool in various areas.
2. Another shot of the yard above the drain field saturated with raw sewage.
3. View of the septic tank with cover removed, prior to the drain field being unclogged. The tank is nearly overflowing.
4. Same area that was saturated with sewage during unclogging process. You can see the water shooting out like a baby geyser.
5. Another similar shot of water shooting out of the ground as the system is being repaired by Jim.
6. After the drain field has been purged and unclogged by Jim, the sewage level in the septic tank is restored to normal.

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